Holvi Business MasterCard spending and withdrawal limits

Please see the below table for the Holvi Business MasterCard spending and withdrawal limits*.

*Note that the last X days limits does not follow calendar months. It is based on the day when you did your first Holvi Business MasterCard transaction or withdrawal. 

  POS card payments limits for card purchases (i.e. physical store and online) ATM cash withdrawal limits
Minimum transaction amount - 10€
Maximum transaction amount 6,000€ 2,000€
Daily volume limit 6,000€ 2,000€
Last** 30 days volume limit 40,000€ 10,000€
Last 365 days volume limit 300,000€ 75,000€
Daily max frequency 20 10
Last 30 days max frequency 100 25
Last 365 days max frequency 1000 125

**Whenever the limit follows last X time, the limit does not follow calendar months. The limit is based on the last time you have used your card during the described time.


  • Card payment of 2000€, paid on 15.01.2017
  • Based on the last 30 days volume limit, this payment amount frees up on 15.02.2017 and you then have this 2000€ usable in your 30 days volume limit.


Limits for contactless payments (when using the Holvi Business MasterCard contactless payment option)

NOTE: In order to check that a contactless card has been delivered to the authorised cardholder, the contactless part of the card will not function until a standard chip and PIN transaction has been executed.

The list of limits for contactless transactions per country is the following:

  • Eurozone in general: €25
  • Finland: €25
  • United Kingdom: £30
  • Spain: No limit (for more than €20 PIN verification is mandatory)
  • France: €20
  • Denmark: DKK 200
  • USA: $25
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