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In this article you can review our video tutorials and get a fast start with your Holvi account!

You can find all of our video tutorials in our Holvi tutorials YouTube channel.

Table of contents

1. Account usage basics

2. Holvi online store

3. Store payment methods

4. Holvi invoicing


Quick review of your account basics and main tools


In the above video you can quickly review where to find 

1. Profile settings
2. Account Balance
3. Account number and pricing
4. Managing account users
5. Home view and what to use it for
6. Contacts and what to use it for
7. Holvi Business MasterCard and what to use it for
8. Payments out and what to use it for
9. Bookkeeping views, reports and what to use them for


Holvi online store


In this video we will go through Holvi's online store

1. Settings
2. General views
3. Creating a new product
4. Creating a new store item section
5. Creating a new discount code
6. Showing the public store side and purchasing the product using the discount code
7. Receipt of the purchase
8. What the purchase looks like on the store side
9. Marking the product as processed and exporting the order list

Once you open a Holvi account, you can start using Holvi's Online Store right away! It can be used for selling online, or for example to gather attendances. No additional contracts are needed because customer payment options include all the largest Finnish online banks and international credit card payment options. You can find the full list below. All purchases will be accounted to your Holvi account in real time! Please see below the payment methods Holvi provides.

Holvi online store payment methods

Localised payment methods - Finland

  • Handelsbanken
  • Nordea
  • S-Pankki
  • Aktia
  • Säästöpankki
  • Osuuspankki
  • Danske Bank

Localised payment methods - German/Austria

  • SOFORT Banking
  • eps Online-Überweisung
  • Giropay

 International credit cards (for Holvi business/association accounts only)

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)


Holvi invoicing tool




In this video we will go through

1. Settings
2. General views
3. Creating a new invoice
4. Invoice preview and sending
5. Invoiced sum in the pending category
6. Received invoice
7. When the invoice is paid
8. Replicating an invoice
9. Matching a payment with an invoice manually

Holvi creates great looking invoices with just a few clicks! Before you create your first invoice, Holvi asks you to fill in your invoicing details that will automatically generated into each invoice Holvi creates. To set these, go to your Invoicing menu and press Start. Fill in the details and you are ready to create your first invoice!

If you want to review the invoicing settings later on you can browse to your Invoicing settings and make the needed changes. Here you can also add an additional text (modify the text using markdown) that will be automatically added into each invoice you create using Holvi. You can use it to tell more information to the receiver.



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