How does Holvi manage my confidential information?

Security is Holvi's top priority. All customer information is securely stored within Holvi’s systems. We provide bank standard security for all our customers’ personal data. If you wish to know more considering Holvi's security, please see this section.


Where are the submitted documents stored?

Your confidential information is used for customer verification purposes and so that we can identify all Holvi account ownerships. Based on your information we can also contact you if we need to. Holvi will never hand over your data to any third parties, without a legal obligation to do so (such as receiving a subpoena).

Can I remove my uploaded documents/my personal information at any time?

According to the European anti money laundering and terrorist financing Directive Holvi is required to keep customer transaction records for five years. If you have had active transactions we will have to keep your details in our system based on the legislation. If you would like to know more about this please contact



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