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In this article we will go through the customisation options you have in your Holvi online store.

Available as a vide tutorial:

Table of contents

  1. General customisation tools
  2. Editing the texts
  3. Image sizes


General customisation tools

You may customise your store by adding a background image and a logo to the store. In addition to this you may include a store description, product description and images and your own terms and conditions.

Other customising options are not available at the moment. You may access all your online store settings by clicking the settings icon in your online store menu.



Editing the texts

You may edit your store description, product infos and receipts messages with markdown text editing language. Here are the rules, you can also see them in your account under Format help under each description field.

# H1 Header H1 Header
## H2 Header H2 Header
### H3 header H3 header
#### H4 header H4 header
##### H5 header H5 header
###### H6 header H6 header
*Italic* Italic
**Bold** Bold
[Link label]( Link label
1. Lorem
2. Ipsum
3. Dolor
* Lorem
* Ipsum
* Dolor

Please note: the text styles are only visible in your actual store page, there is currently no preview tool in Holvi.

Image sizes

All images are scaled to fit the window. This is why the bigger the image, the better quality it will be. But the file size should'n exceed the maximum 1MB

Store logo

  • Pixels: rectangular image - the bigger, the better
  • Size: 0,5-0,9MB (max 1MB)

Store background

  • Pixels: landscape image - the bigger, the better
  • Size: 0,5-0,9MB (max 1MB)

Store item

  • Pixels: the bigger, the better
  • Size: 0,5-0,9MB (max 1MB)
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