Setting up the store

 In this article we will go through how to set up your Holvi online store and start getting those orders in!

Table of contents

  1. Video tutorial
  2. Available payment methods
  3. Store settings
  4. Making sure your business information is verified


In this video we will go through Holvi's online store

1. Settings
2. General views
3. Creating a new product
4. Creating a new store item section
5. Creating a new discount code
6. Showing the public store side and purchasing the product using the discount code
7. Receipt of the purchase
8. What the purchase looks like on the store side
9. Marking the product as processed and exporting the order list


Payment methods

Once you open a Holvi account, you can start using Holvi's Online Store right away! It can be used for selling online, or for example to gather attendances. No additional contracts are needed because customer payment options include all the largest Finnish online banks and international credit card payment options. You can find the full list below. All purchases will be accounted to your Holvi account in real time! 

Localised payment methods - Finland

  • Handelsbanken
  • Nordea
  • S-Pankki
  • Aktia
  • Säästöpankki
  • Osuuspankki
  • Danske Bank

Localised payment methods - German/Austria

  • SOFORT Banking
  • eps Online-Überweisung
  • Giropay

 International credit cards (for Holvi business/association accounts only)

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)

Store settings

Before you can sell products online, you are asked to fill in your store details. Click the Start button in the Online Store menu and you can modify the fields. Adding the information is not compulsory but they are recommended. You can for example define your store name, modify your store address, manage shipping fees and your store logo and background.


Store tracking tools

You are able to add Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook pixel into your store so that you get customer traffic information. Please bare in mind that each of these tracking tools activate only in the receipt page, meaning that you will have information only from successful store purchases.

Please read Facebook's instructions for more information regarding Facebook pixels. 






Making sure your business information is verified

Please note that you can't start selling before you have verified your personal and business information. So be sure to complete both before starting to market your store.

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