FAQs - Holvi's Bookkeeping Preparation

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1. How does Holvi’s bookkeeping preparation work?

Your Holvi account is built on income and expense categories that you create. Each transaction in your Holvi account is placed into some income or expense category that you assign it to.

You can create budgets for each category, this way you can easily keep track of your money movements. Holvi also provides reports to help support your bookkeeping, such as Income statement, General ledger and VAT report.

Remember that Holvi does not provide automated bookkeeping but you can freely use the reports from your Holvi-account to make bookkeeping an easier task!

2. How do I change my budgeting periods?

You can read more about how budgeting periods work here

3. How can I edit/cancel a bookkeeping category?

You can edit or delete a bookkeeping category by selecting Bookkeeping in the main menu. Select the category you wish to edit, and select Edit or Delete. Please note that if a category has transactions linked to it, it can not be deleted. 

4. What is the category “uncategorised”?

“Uncategorised” is an automatically created category. Please find more information here.

5. My payments disappeared from the categories?

If you activated your budgeting periods and the last period closes, the payments in that period will automatically be archived. Please find more information here about how the budgeting periods work in general.

6. How do I unarchive payments?

The payments can be unarchived by deactivating the budgeting periods. You can access Budgeting periods by accessing the account settings. Once logged in, select the Account Settings icon on the top left side of the main menu. Here you can choose to deactivate the previous budgeting periods by clicking on the red cross next to the budgeting period.

Please refresh your browser after deactivating the budgeting periods.

7. How do I pay VAT from my Holvi account?

Here you can find all information about how to pay VAT with Holvi. 

8. Where can I find the budgeting periods?

Find more information about budgeting periods here.

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