FAQs - Card order and delivery

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1. Who can order a card?

A Holvi user with a role that is either Creator or Administrator can order cards for the account. You also have to have Pro-pricing on your account in order to order a card.

2. How many cards can one user have?

One user can have 3 cards per company

3. To which address will the card be delivered?

Holvi Business Mastercard will only be delivered to your home address. Make sure we have your correct home address!

4. How long does it take receiving the Holvi Business Mastercard?

After ordering the card arrives within 10 banking days.

5. I have not yet received the Holvi Business Mastercard card. What shall I do?

The delivery time of Holvi Business Mastercard is 10 business days. If the card has not arrived within that time, please contact our customer support at support@holvi.com.

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