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1. How can I invite others to my account?

To invite users to the account, simply open the Account details view from the Home view by clicking the upper left corner where it shows the name and the balance of the account. In the Account details view, select Manage Users.

If the person that you want to invite already has a Holvi user profile, then the invitation should be sent to the email address that the person uses to sign in to Holvi.

2. Who can invite others to the Holvi account?

The person with the role of Creator within an account can invite others to the account.

3. What rights does an editor / an admin have?

Please find more information about the user rights here!

4. How do I make changes to user roles?

You are able to change and manage account user by accessing the Account settings. Once logged in, select the settings icon on the upper left side of the main menu (the cogwheel). By selecting Manage Users you are able to manage the user roles of the account.

5. How do I change creator of the account?

You can find step-by-step instructions how to change the creator of the account here!



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