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1. How do I open a Holvi account?

You can open an account on the Holvi website clicking the Sign-up button on the up right corner. In Holvi, you should first open a personal user profile and then under that profile you can open and manage multiple Holvi-accounts. In Holvi only one user profile is needed and allowed

2. How do I change language / mobile number / e-mail address?

To change the settings of your Holvi profile, please go directly to the account overview and go to My profile under your name and picture. There you have the possibility to choose the language as well as to change your mobile number and / or e-mail address. Please note: When changing the mobile phone number you have to go through the personal verification again. This is due to security reasons.

3. How do I edit my e-mail & mobile notification settings?

To change your e-mail notification or to unsubscribe from notifications, you can do this directly in your Holvi profile. Click on My Profile to see the Email settings & Mobile notifications. Here you can edit your settings and add or remove the "check mark" as desired. Please do not forget to scroll down after changing the settings and click on Save.

4. How do I change my company details?

  • General changes
    If you would like to make general changes to your company details, we kindly ask you to contact our customer support directly via support@holvi.com. If you have a company registered in the trade register, please also send us the new excerpt with the name change.
  • Changes to company details in the online store and in accounting
    You can easily enter this data for the online shop (eg name, address, email, additional website, descriptions, ...) as well as for the accounting (eg email, invoice number, billing logo, address, additional information, ...) in the respective features change. Click here on the left side on the feature of your choice and then click on the small gear on the right side. If you wish to change or edit the company name or company type please contact our customer support at support@holvi.com.

5. How do I change my account name?

You can change the account name by contacting our customer service at support@holvi.com.

6. My mobile number is already in use?

If you create a new account and your mobile number is not accepted, it may be that your mobile number is already being used by an older profile that you created. In this case please contact our customer service at support@holvi.com.

7. Where can I find my IBAN? 

You can find your IBAN by first selecting the correct account. You will find all relevant information about your account in the HOME view opening - including your IBAN, the name and the balance of your account.

8. Why is my IBAN hidden in the Holvi account?

The IBAN is hidden in the Holvi account when the account is not fully verified. In order to get the IBAN visible, you need to make sure to verify your Holvi user profile and company. Verifying your user profile consists of verifying your phone number, email address and personal identity.

9. How do I add VAT to my account? 

You can add VAT to your account by contacting our customer service at support@holvi.com.

10. How can I add my personal tax ID (TIN / Steuer-ID)? (only for customers registered in Germany)

To use your Holvi account, we require the following tax information from you:

1. your personal tax ID (TIN / Steuer-ID)

2. the personal tax ID (TIN / Steuer-ID) of the beneficial owner(s) of your company

We kindly ask you to provide this information as soon as possible to continue using your Holvi account. Please note that if this information is not provided within 90 days of account opening, your account may be suspended.

Need help adding the TIN / Steuer-ID? Please find more info here


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