FAQs - Inbound payments

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1. Where do I see my incoming payments?

You can see incoming payments in blue colour in the "Transactions" tab of your account. If you are looking for a specific payment, you can also filter the payments by searching for the name of a sender or by filtering according to incoming payments

2. I expect an incoming payment, but it has not yet arrived. What shall I do?

A payment can take up to two business days to reach your account once it has been executed by the sending bank. You can find out more about payment processing times here

If the payment has not arrived after several working days, please check with the sending bank that the payment was sent as a SEPA credit transfer (also called STEP2 payment). If it was sent as a different payment method, e.g. SWIFT, it will not be possible to deliver the payment to your Holvi account, and instead it will bounce back to the sender. 

3. What is the Holvi's Instant Top Up and where can I find it?

Holvi's Instant Top Up tool allows you to quickly add money to your Holvi account from your separate bank account. You can find it by choosing the account you want to top up and then from the opening window choose the Home view. By clicking on the New button in the upper right corner, you can choose the Top Up option. Please, read more about Instant Top Up here.

4. Where can I see refunds in my account?

You can see both card payment refunds and SEPA transfer refunds in the bookkeeping expense category "uncategorised", as well as on your account statement.

5. Do real-time transfers between Holvi accounts work?

Unfortunately not yet. If you send a payment from your Holvi account to another Holvi account, it will have to go through all the steps of a regular payment. This means that the payment has to go out of our system and back in, so the payment can take up to 3 business days to arrive at the other account.  

6. When is the cut-off-time?

Holvi's cutoff time is 10:30 Helsinki (UTC+02:00) on banking days (Monday-Friday). More information about payment processing times here!

7. How long does it take to receive money on the Holvi account?

A payment will arrive to Holvi within two banking days after the payment has been processed by the sending bank. Please find more information about payment processing times here

8. Which currencies does Holvi support?

Currently Holvi only accepts SEPA payments (SEPA credit transfers) in EUR currency from SEPA countries. More information about this here!

9. How can my customer pay an invoice to Holvi outside of Europe?

Holvi only accepts SEPA payments (SEPA credit transfers) in EUR currency from SEPA countries. We recommend using Transferwise.com for payments to and from Holvi in other currencies and payments from outside the SEPA area. More information about international payments here!

If you have international customers in your Holvi Online Shop, they can also pay using international credit cards

10. How to use point-of-sale terminals?

Holvi is partnered with SumUp, so you can use the SumUp point-of-sale terminal to collect credit card payments from your customers. Contact SumUp directly for more information about the terminal.  

11. How do I add receipts and attachments to incoming payments?

Open the “Transactions” tab and select the received payment. Select "Attach receipt".


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