FAQs - Outbound payments

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1. Where do I see my outgoing payments?  

Go to your Holvi account and click on "Transactions" on the right side. Afterwards you'll see on the left side the approved and scheduled payments.  

2. Do real-time transfers between Holvi accounts work?

Unfortunately real-time transfers between Holvi accounts do not work right now. 

3. How long is the payment processing time?

You can find detailed information of the payment processing times here.

4. When is the cut-off-time?

Holvi's cutoff time is 10:30 Helsinki (UTC+02:00) on banking days (Monday-Friday).

5. Can I cancel a confirmed payment?

Once a payment has been confirmed, you can no longer cancel a verified payment.

6. I would like to make an transfer in any other currency than Euro. How do I proceed?

We recommend using TransferWise for payments to and from Holvi in other currencies and payments from outside the SEPA area. Please find more information about international payments in Holvi here!

7. Which currencies does Holvi support? 

Currently Holvi only accepts SEPA payments (SEPA credit transfers) in EUR currency from SEPA countries. More information about this here.


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