How To: Identity Verification

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1. TUPAS-Verification in Finland

Customers from Finland can easily verify their identity using personal banking credentials (Tupas). It is an easy and safe way to verify a person's identity. Tupas is completed using personal banking credentials here. You only need to verify your identity once.

2. IDnow Verification Germany/Austria

Customers from Germany and Austria complete their verification through video chat with IDnow. To do this, you need a computer with a webcam or a smartphone which can install the IDnow app, as well as your ID and mobile phone. 

To check your verification status or start the verification, simply go to your profile and click on "Identity Verification". If you see "Verification completed" there, then you are already done, congratulations! Otherwise, please click on the IDnow button to receive your code for the video session, and then simply follow the instructions on the screen. 

After the video chat, please wait until you are redirected to your account, do not close the window too early. You will then have to confirm that your address is correct to complete your identity verification.

IDnow accepts a range of different ID documents and passports, but if your national passport is not accepted, please contact our support team under

3. Signicat Verification for e-Estonia

As an e-resident, please choose "Estonia" as your country of residence when starting registration of your account. In a later step, you are asked to enter your personal address - please enter your actual main residence here. After that, you will need your e-residency card and card reader to verify your identity through Signicat, and in a last step upload a colour picture of your passport. 


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