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1. Why is identity verification necessary?

As an Authorised Payment Institution, Holvi is subject to applicable Finnish, EU and international laws and regulations and is required to comply with customer identification and due diligence standards. This ensures that our customers are domiciled in European countries where Holvi is authorized and blocks money launderers and possible acts of terrorism financing.

To make things easy for our customers without compromising Holvi’s security, Holvi’s customer identity verification is an automated process in which we identify a customer. Our system uses specifically developed, banking security level methods that give a reliable result.

2. How long does the verification process take? 

If everything is in order, your email address and personal address are verified, and you have gone through the relevant process (TUPAS, IDnow), the identity verification is completed instantly.

3. I only have a temporary ID / my ID is not accepted by IDnow 

Unfortunately we can't accept temporary ID documents. Also, if you are verifying your identity using IDnow and IDnow does not support your ID, we are unfortunately not able to provide any optional verification method at the moment. 

4. Why do I need to verify my personal verification again after I have reset my password or changed my e-mail address / mobile number?

You can change your password, e-mail address or mobile number in your account. Note that this will reset your identity verification as a safety precaution. We ask that you re-verify yourself after change of password, e-mail address or mobile number, in order to ensure the safety of your accounts. After the change, please complete the identity verification to be able to use your account again.

Please note that your Holvi account is not fully usable as long as the account is not fully verified.

If you have further questions, please contact us through the contact form

5. Does Holvi offer Post-Ident?

No, we do not currently offer this option for verification. For security reasons, please do not send us any documents by post or email.  

6. I'm not receiving the code to start IDnow.

Currently, this code can't be obtained through the mobile app, so please log in to your account in your browser to get the code. Once you have this, you can then also continue verification through the mobile app. 

7. My camera is not good enough for IDnow.

If you were not able to complete IDnow for technical reasons, for example because the camera did not deliver a clear picture, please contact our customer support through the contact form or further instructions. 

8. What to do if my TUPAS doesn’t work?

If you don’t have personal bank credentials (TUPAS) supported by Holvi, we are at the moment not able to provide you an optional verification method for safety reasons. 

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