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1. What documents are required to verify my business?

In order to verify your business, we need specific documents. Please check the required documents for verifying your business here. You can simply upload the documents into your Holvi account so that the verification team can check them.

2. How long does the business verification take?

In order to verify your business, you will have to submit the relevant information and business documents. Our verification team will then review all information you have provided. If all documents are in order and we have all information required according to our verification standards, you will get a notification per email, that your account is open. The verification will be checked as soon as possible.

Founder accounts: We will contact you once the verification has been completed successfully and your IBAN for transferring the share capital has been activated. More information regarding founder accounts can be found here

3. I haven't received my VAT ID yet. 

We can add your VAT ID as soon as you have received it. In this case, please just leave the field for VAT liability empty when you create the account. You can then reach our customer support at support@holvi.com to activate the VAT in your account and add your VAT ID when you have received it.

4. My company is partially owned by another company. 

Unfortunately, we do not support ownership structures that involve one or more legal entities with 25% or more shares / investments, so in this case we are not able to offer you an account.

5. One of our shareholders lives abroad. 

It is possible to open an account for your company if you, as the account creator, live in the same country where your business is registered. Other beneficial owners may live in another country within the EEA (this does not apply to e-residents). If beneficial owners who own 25% or more shares live outside of the EEA, unfortunately we are not able to offer an account.

The beneficial owners of e-residents may live almost anywhere in the world. The exception are any countries that are currently not FATF compliant.

6. My documents are too large to upload.

Please resize the documents and upload them via your account. The maximum size to upload is 5MB. Please do not send them to us via email as we can not process them due to safety reasons.

7. There are only two upload fields, but I have many documents!

Please just click on "submit again" to upload more documents. This will not replace the other documents you have already uploaded, they will all be saved. 

8. How can I check my verification status?

You can check your verification status by clicking on your profile icon in the top right of your Holvi view > choose  "My businesses". Here you can see a list of all businesses you have registered with Holvi, and it will display here whether your business is verified or not.

By clicking on the business name, you get to an upload page where submit additional documents. You can also submit documents here in case your business information has changed. 

9. Where can I find more info related to verification in my country of residence?

Please follow this link to find more detailed information.


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