How to open multiple accounts

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If you already have a Holvi account, but want to open another one, you can simply do this from within your current profile:

Simply log in to your account, go to "My accounts" and click on "Open New Account" (see picture below).



You can then choose whether you want open a new account for your existing company (for example if you have different business activities that you would like to keep separate) or whether you want to open an account for a different company.

Every account is a fully separate account: It has its own IBAN, own pricing plan, and can only be accessed by the people who are users on that particular account. So even if you already have another account with 3 users, those users will not be able to see your new account unless you invite them as users to there. 

If the account is for your already existing company, which is already verified, you can start using the new account right away.

If the account is for a new company, you will have to submit the appropriate information and documents for verification. You can then use your account as soon as the company is verified. 

It is not possible to create multiple user profiles for yourself on Holvi. It is also not possible to create multiple copies of the same company - for example if your business partner would want to open an account for the same company. 

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