How To: Business Verification

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1. Verification process

In order to verify your business, you will have to submit the relevant information and business documents. Our verification team will then review all information you have provided. If all documents are in order and we have all information required according to our verification standards, your account will be verified within 2 business days. 

2. Check your verification status

You can check your verification status by going to "profile" and then "My businesses". Here you can see a list of all businesses you have registered with Holvi, and it will display here whether your business is verified or not. By clicking on the business name, you get to an upload page where submit additional documents. 

3. Required documents

You can check which documents will be required from you here:

  • Austria
  • Germany 
  • e-Residency Estonia
    We only support limited companies "OÜ" (depending on the owner structure, power of attorney is needed)
  • Finland 

If you are not the sole manager of your company or association, you will in addition to the other documents, have to submit a signed representative authorisation. Representative = Holvi account's creator.

You can find the forms for this here:

4. Founder account in Germany

If your business is still in founding, please contact our customer support at to get more information about the process for founder accounts. Unfortunately, we can't provide founder accounts for Austrian and Finnish companies. 

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