Expense Claims in General 

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1. General

You can use Holvi's Expense Claims function to pay back to people who have made purchases for your group or activity. There are two ways to reimburse expenses in Holvi.

You can either file the expenses directly to Holvi or you can send an external expense claim form to the person who is requesting money. Both actions are available in your Holvi account by clicking the Expense claims tab on the left hand side of the account. Please note that if you file the expenses directly to Holvi, you will be marked as the claimant.

2. File the expenses directly to Holvi

  • Click Expense claims on the left side of your Holvi account
  • Choose Create expense claim If you want to file expenses directly in the account. 
  • Fill in the claim description in the new expense claim field
  • Fill in the details of the recipient, to be paid to.
  • Fill in the details of the expenses and add a receipt as an attachment 
  • Save or pay now. Pay the expenses right away or save the expense claim for later approval.

 3. Sending an internal expense claim

Use this feature when the claimant is someone else. For sending a claim to someone else choose:

  • Choose Expense claims > Claimants
  •  Here you see a list of the current expense claimants who can send you expense claims. They have received an email link that gives access to an expense claim form that they can fill and send it your way. You only need the recipient's first name, last name and email address. The receiver can use the same link whenever they need to file expenses. If you want to resend a link you need to deactivate the link first an then re-invite the claimant (first delete the contact in your contact list).

To send the form to a new user click here Invite a claimant and fill in the details of the claimant. By clicking invite a claimant after filling in all the details you'll send a link to an expense claim per e-mail to the claimant.

The recipient/claimant fills in the expense claim form by adding the topic, amount, date (when the purchase was made) and description of the expenses, as well as their IBAN. Then they attach the receipts or paid bills/invoices. The same form can have several expenses attached. 

The claimed expenses then arrive to your Holvi account. You can accept or reject the expenses one by one and make the payment out immediately (confirm by SMS code or Holvi App push notification) and update your bookkeeping by marking which expense category the expenses belong to.
You can add a short note when you process the form, telling for example why a receipt was rejected. The images and files attached to the expense claim form are saved in your Holvi account for bookkeeping. 

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