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1. How does the Holvi payment card work?

Your Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard card is directly linked to your Holvi account, meaning that it will use the funds you have on this account. In order to use your Holvi card, please make sure that you have enough positive balance on your Holvi account

All purchases that you have done with your card will be shown in your Holvi account’s feed in the transactions menu. From here you may edit or recategorise each transaction as you wish. You are also able to add pictures of receipts here. 

You can manage your card settings from the account settings menu, under payment cards in your Holvi account. The settings are

  1. Card general info
  2. Configure settings such as ATM use and geographical usage
  3. Block the card usage for now
  4. Review card PIN for 30 seconds
  5. Unlock PIN if it's blocked
  6. Card holder
  7. Usage restrictions summary

Please note! Blocking the card will restrict the use of the car temporarily. If your card is lost or gets stolen, please inform it to us at, so we can terminate the card.   

2. Using the card & card management

Your Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard card is linked directly into your Holvi account, meaning that it will use the funds you have on this account. In order to use your Holvi card, please make sure that you have enough positive balance on your Holvi account.

If your card payment fails, please wait a bit before trying again. Sometimes failed card payments may show up in your Holvi account with a reserved status. These transactions will normally expire within 7 business days – but in some cases reservations will apply for 30 days. 

3. Adding receipts and VAT to card payments

The most efficient ways to attach payment receipts is to use Holvi's Mobile App. You may also file a receipt and add VAT into a card payment by navigating to the payment either

  • From under your account settings menu > payment cards > Transactions > Attach a receipt or click Attachments tab (when looking at a transaction)
  • From under your Payments menu > Select a payment > Attach a receipt or click Attachments tab (when looking at a transaction)

4. Spending and Withdrawal Limits*

*Note that the last X days limits does not follow calendar months. It is based on the day when you did your first Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard transaction or withdrawal. 

  POS card payments limits for card purchases (i.e. physical store and online) ATM cash withdrawal limits
Minimum transaction amount - 10€
Maximum transaction amount 7,500€ 3,000€
Daily volume limit 7,500€ 3,000€
Last** 30 days volume limit 40,000€ 15,000€
Last 365 days volume limit 300,000€ 75,000€
Daily max frequency 30 10
Last 30 days max frequency 150 30
Last 365 days max frequency 2000 360

**Whenever the limit follows last X time, the limit does not follow calendar months. The limit is based on the last time you have used your card during the described time.

You can check your cards’ current status in relation to the limits on both the Holvi browser- and mobile application. 


  • Withdrawal of 2,000€ on 15., 17., 19., 20., and 25. January, which will use up the 10,000€ 30 days limit. 
  • Based on the last 30 days volume limit, the first payment amount frees up on 15. February, and you then have these 2000€ usable in your 30 days volume limit.

Limits for contactless payments (when using the Holvi Business Mastercard contactless payment option)

NOTE: In order to check that a contactless card has been delivered to the authorised cardholder, the contactless part of the card will not function until a standard chip and PIN transaction has been executed.

You can find a list for limits of contactless payment in Europe here

  • Eurozone in general: €25
  • Finland: €50
  • United Kingdom: £30
  • Spain: No limit (for more than €20 PIN verification is mandatory)
  • France: €20
  • Denmark: DKK 200
  • USA: $25

Note: at a Finnish ATM you need to select “checking” not “savings” account when doing a withdrawal of funds

5. Online, offline and contactless payments

Online purchases

You may use your Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard card for shopping online. If you switched on the online purchases restriction for your card, you can manage it in your Holvi account under your card settings.

We have enabled the 3 DS authentication (Mastercard SecureCode program) to the Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard when paying online as an additional step towards safeguarding your card information. Please read more about the 3 DS here

If the address being used for billing at the merchant where you are using the Holvi card (i.e. if you want to link the card to PayPal) is different than the one configured in Holvi, the transaction may be rejected by the card acceptor. I.e. it may not be possible to link the Holvi card to Paypal if you have your PayPal domicile set to Italy while in Holvi you have your domicile set to Finland.

Please note! The Holvi Business Prepaid Business Mastercard is a widely accepted payment card, but some service providers/merchants do not support it for preauthorised payments due to the terms and conditions of the card.  

In cases where you would need to make a preauthorised order, we recommend you to contact the merchant for negotiating alternative payment methods (e.g. paying by an invoice) or use an external card and add the receipt of the purchase to your outbound payment when paying it back from your Holvi account. 

The reason why we are offering prepaid cards is that the card is connected to the Holvi account and you can only use the available balance. Holvi as a licensed payment institution does not offer lendings or loans, so that's why you can't have a negative balance at Holvi. 

Offline purchases
When you are making payments in an airplane or taxi, sometimes the card payment device has no Internet connection and is therefore offline. Offline purchases are possible, but limited to 5 transactions or a maximum total amount of 150 euro. The offline purchases limit can be "reseted" by using the card once in an online payment terminal. After this procedure you can again use the card offline.

Contactless payments

When you are making contactless payments (using a payment gateway) an added step to ensure safety for your transactions will be added followed by PSD2 regulations. To increase security, you will be requested to add your card PIN as an additional security step, when:

- you make more than 5 contactless payments after each other

- the overall sum of several contactless transactions combined is more than 150€

6. Holvi Card & Holvi App

We recommend that you use your Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard® together with the Holvi app. The app provides you an easy way to add receipts directly to your Holvi account right after the purchase has happened!

You can download the app from below




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