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1. How do the discount codes work?
All information about the discount codes can be found here.

2. How do I organise items and categories?

You can organize and add items through the Online store settings. In the main menu, choose the Online store on the bottom left.

  • Choose Create new item for adding a product or service to your online store. By selecting the green arrow on the right, a tutorial video will be played on your screen.
  • Add the name and description for the item.
  • When choosing the price, make sure you have added the correct VAT percentage. You are able to price the item either by defining the amount excluding VAT or the total including VAT.
  • Choose which income category the item belongs to.
  • You can set a quantity limit if there is a limited number of products available. Leave the field empty if you do not want to limit sales.
  • By adding a Receipt message you are able to add a special message or link to the receipt.
  • You can enable the Split individual product purchases into PDFs receipt. This will attach an additional PDF file of each order to the receipt email which can be used e.g. as a ticket. The PDF contains product information, additional checkout questions with answers and a QR code.
  • You can also enable shipping fees to the product. Notice that discount codes do not apply to shipping fees.
  • By selecting Add item images you can upload an image of the item.
  • By selecting Add a digital download your customers will receive a download link after purchase. Accepted file formats are music files, e-book formats, images and compressed ZIP files.
  • Finally, you are able to present your customers with questions at the checkout stage.

3. How do I add different shipping fees?

You can add shipping fees via choosing Online Store > Settings. Once you get the settings open, scroll down to shipping fees where you can add different fees for different locations (domestic, EU, worldwide). Remember to save the new settings in the bottom of the page.

4. How can I choose pick up for an online store order?
Create the same product, but do not add shipping fees.

5. How do I add my online store terms and where can I see them?

Please note, that you as a seller in the Holvi store are responsible to follow the Holvi Terms of Service as well as our Acceptable Use Policy when selling products via your Holvi online store.

As the merchant you should define your products, add the descriptions and prices of your products and are responsible for the distribution of the products. As a payment institution working between the merchant of the Holvi store and your customer, Holvi works the payment processor of the sales, and is not obliged to give more information related to the applicable taxes or product information. 

You are able to add online store terms by choosing the account that your online store is attached to from your home view. Then choose account settings from the left hand side bar and from here online store. In the opening view you can add eg. additional store terms and conditions and shipping terms.  


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