Budgeting Periods

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1. Budgeting periods in general

Budgeting periods are your way to show only relevant and up-to-date information in your income and expense categories. You can use budgeting periods to

  • Hide the transactions from your previous fiscal year/period and start fresh with clean slate
  • View transactions from your previous budget periods in category archives 
  • Also the Profit calculation is updated to match your current budgeting period as it compares the realised parts of your income and expense categories

2. How do the budgeting periods work

To enter the Budgeting periods menu:

  1. Click on your account details in the left corner
  2. Choose budgeting periods
  3. Define budgeting periodHere you can choose to define it manually, monthly, quarterly, every half year and yearly. If you choose monthly, quarterly, every half year or yearly the budgeting period will be defined automatically.
  4. If you choose define budgeting period manually you need to choose an end date. 
  5. If you choose define budgeting period manually you need to click close current and begin a new period.

Starting a budgeting period will show only the transactions that have their payment or issue date in the specific budgeting period. If you wish to see older transactions you can open the income or expense category you want to and browse its archived transactions. 

Please note that recategorising archived payments may lead to difference in your reports. So always, if you need to recategorise any archived payments, remove your budget periods and then switch them back on.

If this is the first budgeting period you create, the starting date will be the date when you created the account. If you already have an existing budgeting period, the starting date for your next financial period will be the day after your previous budgeting period ended. You can activate and remove budgeting periods as you wish, they do not cancel or delete any transactions in the account so you can experiment with this feature as much as you wish. You can also set the budgeting periods to reset following different cycles (monthly, quarterly, every half year, yearly of based on your custom settings).

Holvi's reports will not be affected as you can define the dates individually when you choose to view a report.

3. How to reorder payments

All transactions in Holvi are registered into the income and expense categories you have defined. At times you might need to rearrange already registered transactions within the account. In other words to move a payment from one category to another.

  1. To move a transaction from one category to another go to the Bookkeeping tab in your Holvi account and start by clicking an income or expense category that has the transaction in it.
  2. You will notice that the registered transactions now open as a list in the center of your account view. From here you can select the transaction you want to reorder by clicking it.
  3. Now you have the chance to EDIT the payment, click the edit button
  4. Choose a new category from the list
  5. Click save. 






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