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1. I’m using markdown for formatting but nothing happens?

The formatting can only be applied in certain fields of your store and product settings, all of which have the "formatting help" in the bottom right corner. You can only see the applied formats in the actual online shop pages, they are not visible in your account interface. 

2. How do I use the QR codes? 

You are able to send QR codes attached in the order confirmation. This way you can monitor the attending ticket status. You can fetch the ticket order list from Holvi and export the Excel file to a scanner that reads QR codes generated by Holvi. When a QR code is scanned, the reader will display a order number which matches the generated order list. The order number will also be found on the ticket, but since it is quite long, it is easier to read with a QR code and a scanner.

Log in to Holvi and select your account

  • Choose Online store
  • Choose Items
  • Select the item (in this case the ticket)
  • Select Edit
  • Check “Split individual product purchases into PDFs in receipt

You’ll find the order list by selecting Online shop >> Items >> the item >> orders >> Export to Excel.

3. How can I find the order list?

You can find the order list from the online store application. Once you open the online store app from the Holvi main feed, click “items” on the top left, then choose the right product and finally open “orders” from the right side of the page. The order list opens as a separate window and you can also download it as an Excel file from the upper left corner.

4. I can’t complete a payment in an Holvi online store, what to do?

There can be many reasons why the payment fails (e.g. incorrect card info/ card restrictions / connection errors). 

You can try to make the payment with a different device (i.e. mobile phone or pad) or with a different payment method. If you still can’t complete a purchase, please contact our support at support@holvi.com.

5. I haven’t received my receipt for a purchase, what to do? 

Please contact our customer support at support@holvi.com.

6. I haven’t received my online store delivery, what to do?

Please contact the merchant. If you have not received a reply within three banking days, contact our customer support at support@holvi.com.

7. I would like to stop using my Online Store. How can I deactivate it?

At the moment there is no option to close or deactivate the entire online store as it is a part of your business account.

You have the option of "unpublishing" all items in your online store if you would like to stop selling through the online store.




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