Archiving and closing accounts

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1. Archived accounts

By going to My accounts -> "Show archived" you can review your archived Holvi accounts. After you have archived your account all associated Holvi Business Mastercards will no longer work. Please cut the cards into pieces and throw them away. Be sure to cut also the card chip and magnetic strip.

2. Restoring archived accounts

Restoring of archived accounts is not possible. 

3. Closing accounts

Please note that only the current account creator may archive an account.

You can archive accounts so that you have a cleaner account list waiting for you every time you log in to Holvi. Archiving an account will close its online store and remove it from your account list. All data will be stored. Once you have archived an account, you cannot restore it.

To archive an account, choose the preferred account from your profile page or account list. Click your account name in the account view (top left) and you should see the option to Archive as the last option in the list (to the right).

NOTE: Accounts that have other than a 0,00 balance can not be archived. Please, transfer your remaining balance out before archiving, otherwise you won't see the archive option.

Please also note, that payment services legislation requires us to keep account records for five years. Holvi also has built-in bookkeeping features. Accounting legislation requires that accounting documents are held for 6 years and accounting books for 10 years. Also due to this legislation it's not possible to entirely delete Holvi accounts. If you wish to cancel customer contract, please contact us via this form.

4. Closing the user profile / Termination of business current account

Due to payment services and bookkeeping legislation it's not possible to entirely delete Holvi accounts or Holvi user profiles. If you wish to cancel your customer contract, please contact us via this form


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