Using the Holvi invoicing tool

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1. Marking invoices as paid manually

You can mark an invoice as paid only if the matching payment has arrived to your Holvi account. So if you know that your invoice has been paid but it still has status OVERDUE the payment has most likely arrived to your Uncategorised income category. 

If you receive a payment into the income category Uncategorised the payer has left out the reference number when they have made the payment. You can either recategorise these payments or, if you know that you've created an invoice that matches with the received payment, you can match it with a sent invoice

NOTE: Only payments in Uncategorised can be matched to invoices. So if you have moved a payment already out of this category, please move it back in.

Matching received payments with invoices is easy. Just do the following

1. Select Invoices

2. Select the invoice that you want to match with a payment

2. Choose options and click Mark as Paid

4. You will see a list of all the payments that you have as uncategorised. Please select the matching payment from this list

5. Finish the matching by clicking Confirm.

 2. Marking invoices as credited

If you have an invoice that has was incorrectly created or only partially paid you have the chance to mark it as credited.

To mark an invoice as credited select the invoice in your invoices list and select credited under the Mark As button. Please note that in order to credit an invoice the invoice must be either sent or marked as sent.

This will create a separate credit note based on the sent invoice which you can then print out or send forward if necessary. The sent invoice will be credited so that you won't have gaps in your invoicing. 

3. Replicating invoices

You can replicate existing invoices so that you don't always have to create a new invoice from scratch.

To do this go to the Invoicing menu, select the invoice you want from the list and click the Replicate button on top of the invoice.

This creates a replicate of the selected invoice with the default subject Copy of [the previous subject]. Recipient and other details come pre-filled but remember to check the sum and due date! 

Using the same procedure you can replicate existing or sent payments and online store products!

4. International invoicing using Holvi

Holvi invoices can be sent also internationally! (only in Euro currency)

There are no specified international invoices in Holvi, regular Holvi invoices work perfectly, but you have to do one extra step. Add use the reference number-note into the invoice subject field, so that there will be no errors in the money transaction. Holvi recognises the reference number also from the message field. If the payment arrives without a reference number you can match it manually form the income category uncategorised.

5. Editing and voiding invoices 

Choose the invoice you want to edit from the Invoicing menu. Only invoices that are Not sent can be marked as void. If the invoice has already been sent, the invoice can't be edited. However, you can still resend or credit the invoice. 

Voided invoices will be placed on their own VOID menu so you can easily review them and when needed, either replicate them or print them out. 

Currently, no attachments can be directly attached to an invoice. 


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