FAQs - Creating An Invoice

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1. How do I change the address on my invoice?

You can change the address on your invoice (and your account statement) in your invoice settings. Just go to Invoicing and from there click on the gear symbol on the top right. Here you can change all basic settings, which should be included in all invoices.

2. How do I edit the logo on my invoice?

You can change the logo on your invoice through invoice settings. Go to Invoicing application > Invoice settings (settings icon in the upper right corner) > Invoice logo. Here you can change all basic settings, which should be included in all invoices. After clicking on the gear, you can add or change your logo under your email address. Supported formats are JPG, PNG and GIF, and the maximum file size is 1MB. The size of the logo on the invoice can't be changed, it is aligned with the font size of the company name. 

3. How do I delete an invoice?

It is not possible to delete an invoice because it is an official bookkeeping document. You can mark an unsent invoice as "void" and a sent invoice as "credited" instead. 

4. How do I change the language of my invoice?

You can only change the language of an invoice by changing the language of your account first. You can, however, change the language back to the first language if you only wish to create one invoice in different language and not the entire system for good. You can change the language by going to My profile > Personal Settings > Language and Time Zone. Don't forget to press the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to change the language. 

5. How can I add a company as recipient?

Currently, there are no separate fields for name of the participant and company name, so if the invoice is to go to a particular person at a company, the company name would have to be in the same field as the person's name. 





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