FAQs - Matching invoice and payment

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 1. How Do I Match a Payment to an Invoice?

When an invoice is paid using the correct reference number, the incoming payment is automatically linked to the invoice. If the reference number is missing or incorrect, you must assign the payment manually:

Payments that arrive without a reference number end up in the category Uncategorised. From here, you can then match it with the payment.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose invoices
  2. Select the invoice you want to merge with the payment.
  3. Mark these as Paid
  4. Now you see all payments that have landed in Uncategorized
  5. Choose the appropriate payment for the account and now they are already merged!

If you can't find the option "Mark as... Paid" but you are sure the payment has already arrived, please check the following:

  • The payment you want to match to the invoice has to be in category "uncategorised" for the matching to work. Please locate the payment in your home feed and change the category accordingly, if it had already been re-assigned to a different category. 
  • If you haven't assigned the payment to anywhere, but can't locate it in "uncategorised", the payment is most likely in a closed budget period, so it would be in the archive. To retrieve the payment from there, first click on your account balance on the top of your screen and then on "Budgeting periods". Here you can delete the latest budgeting period by clicking on the "x" next to it, and all payments in that period are retrieved from the archive. Now you can match your payment to the invoice. 

2. A Payment was Matched to the Wrong Invoice

Unfortunately it is not possible to un-match the payment once it is attached to the invoice. Therefore, please take great care when matching payments to make sure you are attaching the correct payment. 

3. How can I Match Several Payments to One Invoice?

If your customer has paid an invoice with several payments, you can match all of these to the invoice. The payments have to be in the bookkeeping category "uncategorised" for this. 

4. How can I Match Several Invoices to One Payment? 

Unfortunately it is not possible to match several invoices to one payment, every invoice has to be paid with a separate payment. 


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