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1. Holvi's pricing

All information about Holvi's pricing can be found here for Germany, Austria and Finland (you can change the language settings in the upper right corner). The pricing for e-residency customers can be found here

2. Review your current pricing

Holvi’s pricing plans are account-based. If you have different accounts types, you may also have multiple pricing plans. You can review your current pricing plan by navigating to your account settings and looking at your subscription type or by clicking "manage subscription".



3. Changing pricing plans

You can change your pricing plan whenever you want and the switch will enter into force immediately.



4. Which fees will get reserved?

We stop reserving fees in the UI starting from this month. An invoice with an overview of all fees that were created during the month will be sent at the beginning of each month.

5. Which fees do we invoice?

We invoice all fees related to your activities.

6. How and when will I receive the invoice?

In the first place the invoice will appear in the bookkeeping reports but also as a paid outbound payment (with the invoice attached / if enough balance). The plan is that we charge immediately if there are enough funds and sent the invoice to primary email. If there isn’t enough balance then create an outbound payment (0.25 Euro fee will be charged for this payment). The invoice will be sent at the beginning of each month, when previous month is closed.

7. Do we charge the invoice with all related fees at the end of the month?

As the invoice is due immediately we try to charge the outstanding amount (=enough balance). We do not have partial deductions, meaning we will only try to charge the full amount. If it fails, you have the possibility to top-up your account and/or send a SEPA payment in order to pay the invoice.



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