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1. Holvi's pricing

All information about Holvi's pricing can be found here for Germany, Austria and Finland (you can change the language settings in the upper right corner). 

2. Review and change your pricing

Holvi’s pricing plans are company based. If you have multiple companies, you may also have multiple pricing plans. You can review your current pricing plan by clicking on the green icon (upper right corner of your Holvi Home view) and choosing Subscription.

You can change your pricing plan whenever you want.  The change will enter into force immediately.

3. Which fees will get deducted?

We try to deduct the service fees related to your chosen pricing plan straight from your account. When the service fee is charged, you will find an attachment called "invoice" for this outbound payment.

4. How and when will I receive the invoice?

As the invoice is due immediately, we will always try to deduct the service fees straight from your account. We do not have partial deductions, meaning we will only try to charge the full amount. If it fails, you have the possibility to top-up your account and/or send a SEPA payment in order to pay the invoice with the included invoice information we have sent to you by mail.



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