FAQs - Sending An Invoice

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1. Does Holvi have e-invoicing?

Right now Holvi offers eInvoicing in Finland only. Please find more information in English and in Finnish

2. How do I add myself as cc when sending the invoice?

To send an invoice to yourself, go to "Edit" in the already sent invoice and enter your email address into the recipient field. An actual "cc" field does not exist in this case, but an invoice can be sent several times to different email addresses.

3. How do I know the invoice arrived to the customer?

When the status of the invoice changes to “sent”, the invoice has successfully been sent from Holvi.

4. From which address is the invoice sent?

The invoice is sent from invoices@holvi.com

5. What do invoice e-mails look like?

The most important information of the invoice is displayed directly in the email text, and the actual invoice is attached as a PDF. In the Preview you can see how the invoice will look like.


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