Terms of Use for 3D Secure

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Terms of Use

Holvi Payment Services Ltd

Published: September 10th, 2018

Last Update: September 10th,2018

Version 1.0


1. Security 

1.1. You must keep your security information (including your 3D Secure One Time Passwords and/or the data element used for verification (DEV)) safe and confidential at all times.

1.2. If you think someone may be accessing your Account or the 3D Secure service without your authority you must notify us immediately.


2. Use of your Information

2.1. We may use the data you supply to us in relation to 3D Secure to administer the service.

2.2. We will not share your information with online retailers; however details may be supplied to third parties if this is required for a legal or regulatory reason.

2.3. You must keep your information up to date at all times. If there is a change to your personal details, you must notify us immediately. You can reach us via the following communication channels that are displayed here.


3. Changes to these Terms of Use

3.1. We may make changes to these Terms of Use to update or improve the 3D Secure service or to reflect requirements imposed by us by any party which assists us in providing the 3D Secure service.

3.2. We may make changes with immediate effect if required to do so by any law or regulatory requirement affecting us.

3.3. We will normally give you two (2) months notice if the changes of these Terms of Use are to your disadvantage. We will do so by publishing a note on our website or by contacting you by email.


4. Suspension or Termination of the Service

4.1. We may suspend, restrict use or terminate the service where:

a) There is a breach of security;

b) There is a legal or regulatory requirement;

c) You have breached these Terms of Use, your Card Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions relating to any other product or service we provide;

d) We reasonably think you or someone impersonating you has used the service fraudulently, illegally or improperly;

e) In exceptional circumstances if we are required to do so by MasterCard International or any third party which assists us in providing the 3D Secure service.


5. Liability

5.1. Unless you are a victim of fraud, you may be responsible for all transactions carried out and verified with your 3D Secure One Time Passwords or through the data element verification (DEV) method.

5.2. We shall not be liable for any failures of the 3D Secure service caused by any systems failing or other events which we cannot reasonably control.


6. Governing Law

6.1. These terms shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Finland.

6.2. All communication with you will be in English. We will take reasonable efforts to serve the you also in other European languages.

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