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Do I have to go to Estonia in person to become an e-resident?

No, you don't have to go to Estonia in order to become an e-resident.

What is Signicat?

Signicat is our service provider for verifying the identity of e-residents using the e-Residency digital ID card. When doing Signicat, you will need the ID card and the card reader to verify yourself.

Why is an upload of a valid passport required?

To comply with the local AML legislation and to prevent identity theft and fraud, we are required to gather certain information of our customers. To have all the necessary information, we need the information from the customer’s passport as well.

The authentication for the e-Residency card verification failed - What should I do?

Please check that you have the latest software installed. You can check the steps here.

If you are an Estonian e-resident and you have tried to verify your identity using your e-Residency card with *SAFARI, FIREFOX or CHROME, but after you select the certificate and enter the PIN the website says: Authentication Failed:

  • You can test if your card is working by going to the official homepage Republic of Estonia
  • If you are still unable to verify your identity, try the support pages here

Finally, if you are a Mac user and you are still having trouble, try here or simply try verifying your identity from a non-mac device.

*Please note, Mac users are likely to experience problems using e-services with the updated ID card in Safari, as this web browser does not currently support the new EC (elliptic curves) encryption algorithm. A new solution for Mac users is in development, but its launch is also dependent on the development of technical capacities by Apple.

If all of this still doesn't work, you can call the ID-card helpline +372 666 8888 (Open week days from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m).

Does instant top up work for all e-resident customers?

No, only for those who have a Finnish internet bank, EPS or Giropay.

When do I start paying for my e-residency account?

Holvi charges all service fees at the end of each month, starting from your registration. Each month’s service fee will appear as a reserved amount, next to your account’s balance.

Where can I find the pricing terms for e-residents?

Here you can find further information on our current pricing for E-residents and which services are included.

How can I get a certificate to prove the share capital payment has been made?

First you need to transfer the minimum €2500 to your account with the transaction description "Share Capital". Once it has cleared, please contact us via support@holvi.com and we will provide you with the certificate.

I haven’t registered my company yet. What should I do?

Service providers 1OFFICE and Profia are able to help you out with the establishment of your company, and offer other useful services for e-residents. 

Who can register as an administrator and editor for the E-resident account?

At Holvi you can invite users and manage your account users and roles. If you are inviting someone, please check whether or not they are already using Holvi as they are able to register to Holvi only once. A Holvi user can however have access to multiple accounts with single credentials. Currently we can only verify the following users as administrators or editors: E-residents, FI, DE, AT residents. You can find more information about Holvi’s user management here.

I’m a US citizen and/or I’m under the U.S. FATCA report requirement. Can I open an account

Holvi is not available for you yet but we are working on it.

Can I open an account regardless of my country of residence?

Residents in high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions FATF are not supported by Holvi.

How long does the delivery of the Holvi Business Mastercard take?

The delivery takes between 2-3 weeks.

I do not receive push notifications to verify my mobile number. What can I do?

If you do not receive the push notification to verify your mobile number or any payment that you want to do, please contact Holvi’s customer support via email support@holvi.com.

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