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In this article we'll go through how to make a payment out from a Holvi account and how you can edit the VAT % or the categories for a payment that has already been made.

Table of contents:

1. Things to remember when making payments out from Holvi

2. How to make a payment out from a Holvi account

3. How to edit a payment after it has been sent


Things to remember when making payments out from Holvi

To make payments out from Holvi your identity needs to be verified. 

Please see Holvi's payments processing schedule here.

You can make SEPA credit transfers from Holvi meaning you can make payments to countries belonging to the SEPA (The Single Euro Payments Area). You can find a list of the SEPA-countries here: European Central Bank - SEPA countries. For other payments you can read more here: International Payments.


How to make a payment out from a Holvi account


Available as a video tutorial here

1. Select the Payments out -tab on the left side of your Holvi account (picture below).

2. Click New payment.

3. Fill in the following details: subject (not sent to the beneficiary), execution date (optional) and if the payment is to be repeated under repeat payment.

 4. Fill in the payment items (not sent to the beneficiary): item name, category, amount and VAT % if your account is VAT liable. Each outbound payment must be associated with an expense category. You can add expense categories from bookkeeping -> add category.

5. Beneficiary details. Fill in the name and the account number in IBAN format of the beneficiary or choose the beneficiary from the list below.

6. Payment reference or message. If you have a reference number you can include it into the reference field. You can also leave this field empty and include a message to go along with the payment. Either a reference number or a message must be included in the payment.

7. Add attachment. It is a good accounting practice to save the invoice you're paying (if you have one) as an attachment to the payment. You can do this by clicking the paper clip icon at the bottom. This attachment can also be something completely different, like a photo from an event or a warranty certificate.  

8. click Pay now.

9-10. You need to verify the payment with a confirmation code that we will send to your mobile phone. You do not need to order this code separately. But if you haven't received it within a few minutes after saving the payment you may order a new confirmation code by clicking "Request a new one here". Each code is valid for 15 minutes.

When you have confirmed the payment its status updates in your main payments out list. From here you can investigate individual payments and their attachments.

When you make a payment out from Holvi, the money will be delivered based on Holvi's cut-off times. The money is then transferred to the receiving entity and it arrives to the receiver based on the processing time of the receiving entity.

If you want to read more about Holvi's payment processing times, please read this article.






Editing payments after they've been made

1. Payments. Select the Payments-tab from the left side of your Holvi account. Then select a payment that you have made from your Holvi account and now wish to edit.

2. Payment items. Scroll down a bit and you will see the Payment items. 

3. EDIT. Look right a bit and you should see an EDIT button that you can click to fire up the editing tool. When you are in the editing mode you can edit all of the payment details.

4. You can give each payment item a new VAT %, change the categorisation and even change the paid amounts (as long as the total gross amount of the payment remains the same as the original payment).

5. Save. After you have done with the editing remember to save and the payment is stored with new details and your reports are automatically updated.


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