Inviting others and manage account users

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NOTE: If you are inviting someone, please check whether or not they are already using Holvi as they are able to register to Holvi only once. A Holvi user can however have access to multiple accounts with single credentials. 

An invitation expires after 14 days. If you need to resend the invitation, just remove the old one and send a new invitation.

1. Inviting others

How it works

NOTE: Only account creator can manage other users

  1. First click open the account settings by clicking your account name from the top bar
  2. After this select Manage users, as shown in the picture below.



Now you see a list of users that currently have access to your account. You can remove or edit current account users or use the invite tool in the bottom of the page to share access to new users.

All the invited users will create their own personal Holvi profile and verify their own identity but they are not required to create their own Holvi account.

2. Account user roles


 A Holvi account can have only one creator

 Manage all account user rights

 Rights to archive and restore the account

 Full rights to perform any activity within the account



No rights to manage users or archive the account

Full rights to perform any other activities within the account



 No rights to confirm payments out from the account

 No rights to manage users or archive the account

 Full rights to perform any other activity within the account


You can view and manage account user rights by accessing the Manage Users menu in your account settings.

3. Changing the account creator

If you need to change the current account creator, you may do it with the following steps:



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