In this video we will go through

1. Settings
2. General views
3. Creating a new invoice
4. Invoice preview and sending
5. Invoiced sum in the pending category
6. Received invoice
7. When the invoice is paid
8. Replicating an invoice
9. Matching a payment with an invoice manually

Holvi creates great looking invoices with just a few clicks! Before you create your first invoice, Holvi asks you to fill in your invoicing details that will automatically generated into each invoice Holvi creates. To set these, go to Invoicing on the blue income side and press Start. Fill in the details and you are ready to create your first invoice!

If you want to review the invoicing settings later on you can browse to your Invoicing settings and make the needed changes. Here you can also add an additional text (modify the text using markdown) that will be automatically added into each invoice you create using Holvi. You can use it to tell more information to the receiver.

Invoices are created automatically after you type in the required invoice fields. First you are requested to give the general invoice info and receiver's information.

Then you are asked to define the products or services that you invoice.

After you've filled in all the details you can save the invoice. It is saved as a draft and you can send it from the SEND button on top of the invoice.

Holvi invoices use reference numbers (automatically created) that are needed to direct the transaction to the correct invoice in your Holvi account. Holvi recognises the reference number also from the message field. If the payment arrives without a reference number you can match it manually form the income category uncategorised. After an invoice has been created you can send it right away via email, or by printing and posting.

Holvi tracks each invoices and their payment progress for you. Your income categories will update automatically and when an invoice has been paid, the funds will arrive to your bank account within two business days. When it comes to bookkeeping, you can examine each invoice individually as well as get a collective invoicing report from Holvi reports.

Below you can see an example of a Holvi invoice.



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