How to reorder payments

In this article we'll go through how to reorder payments in the income and expense categories. 

Table of contents: 

1. Reorder payments in general

2. How to reorder payments.


Reorder payments in general 

All transactions in Holvi are registered into the income and expense categories you have defined. At times you might need to rearrange already registered transactions within the account. In other words to move a payment from one category to another.


How to reorder payments

1. To move a transaction from one category to another go to the Bookkeeping tab in your Holvi account and start by clicking an income or expense category that has the transaction in it.

2. You will notice that the registered transactions now open as a list in the center of your account view. From here you can select the transaction you want to reorder by clicking it. 

3. Now you have the chance to EDIT the payment, click the edit button

4. Choose a new category from the list

5. Click save. Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_16.29.28.png





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