I payed to a wrong receiver, what do I do?

This article will go through how you should proceed if you made a payment to the wrong account number.

Table of contents:

1. How to proceed if you made a payment to a wrong account

2. Refund request template


How to proceed if you made a payment to a wrong account

If you made an error and payed from Holvi to a wrong account, please contact the receiving bank right away and ask them to refund the payment:

1. Check the receiving bank's website for a customer support e-mail address or a customer support phone to communicate the issue.

2. The standard procedure is that the receiving bank will require a permission to make the refund to your account. We have compiled all the information into a refund request template to make this easier for you. Please find the template below.

3. Send the template to the receiving bank's customer support e-mail address (note: some banks might still require this communications via fax). The refunds request can take a maximum of two weeks from the notification date.

If you do not receive the funds after the maximum period or if you have any further questions considering payment refunds, please contact support@holvi.com.


Refund request template

We, Holvi Payment Services Oy, notify you on our customer's behalf, that the payment below has been made incorrectly to your account.

Payment info:
Payer: your name / Holvi Payment Services Oy
Recipient's account: (the account you made the payment to)
Recipient's Name:
Date of payment:


We ask you to return the payment as soon as possible to or customer's account.

If you don’t return the payment or send a notification of acceptance by the due date Holvi is obliged to give your contact details to the payer. The procedure is based on the instructions by the Financial Supervisory Authority (http://www.finanssivalvonta.fi/en/Pages/default.aspx) for returning incorrect payments. Please note that the receiver of the funds has no right to the funds.


Best regards,
Holvi Payment Services Oy


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