Manually marking invoices as paid


Available as video tutorial here:


You can mark an invoice as paid only if the matching payment has arrived to your Holvi account. So if you know that your invoice has been paid but it still has status OVERDUE the payment has most likely arrived to your Uncategorised income category. 

If you receive a payment into the income category Uncategorised the payer has left out the reference number when they have made the payment. You can either recategorise these payments or, if you know that you've created an invoice that matches with the received payment, you can match it with a sent invoice

NOTE: Only payments in Uncategorised can be matched to invoices. So if you have moved a payment already out of this category, please move it back in.

Matching received payments with invoices is easy. Just do the following

1. Select Invoicing

2. Select the invoice that you want to match with a payment

3. Click Mark as Paid

4. You will see a list of all the payments that you have as uncategorised. Please select the matching payment from this list

5. Finish the matching by clicking Confirm.



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