Using Holvi with external payment services (PayPal, Stripe, iZettle...)

Your Holvi IBAN account number is freely usable in all external services in case you need to move money between accounts. However a deeper, direct integration requires some technical work that is reserved for the up and coming API side of Holvi and is currently not possible. We encourage you to contact to let us know that you are interested in Holvi's API so that we can contact you when we are further in the development process.

In a nutshell: Holvi is a payment account and you can move money in and out of the account as you wish. You can top up your PayPal account, Skrill account and others by transferring money from Holvi to them (payment out) or you can gather income with iZettle or Stripe and move the money into Holvi to keep everything under the same roof. The world is your oyster!


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