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Downloadable content

For adding a downloadable content to your online store, log in to your Holvi account, go to your online store and from there to items. Drop your file to Downloadable content at the bottom of the page. Save your changes after this.

The max. size for a downloadable content is 200MB. You may currently upload only 1 file and the supported files are audio files (MP3, WMA and OGG), e-books (PDF, EPUB and MOBI) image files (JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, SVG). 

For the customer at the online store the item will be visible as a text saying Containing downloadable content. Upon purchasing the product Holvi will send the customer a receipt with the download link for the product, the link includes three downloads and expires in 6 months. After three times the link can't be used anymore for any downloads. 

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