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1. My accounts 

Under "My accounts" you see a list of your currently existing Holvi accounts. You may click any of these to access the actual account.


2. My cards

Under "My cards" you see a list of your currently active Holvi Business MasterCard cards. You may click any of these to access the card details in the linked account.

3. My businesses

Under "My businesses" you may manage your business verification, submit documents and review their verification status. You can find all information to your businesses here.

4. My profile

Under "My profile" you may manage your

  • email
  • phone
  • password (note that any passwords resets require you to reverify your identity)
  • language
  • notifications
  • and personal verification

Phone number
: https://holvi.com/home/phone you may modify your existing number here or add a completely new one. Note that this will reset your identity verification as a safety precaution, so you will have to verify your identity again in order to fully use your account. The number will be confirmed with a confirmation code that you will receive to your new number as an SMS.

Email addresshttps://holvi.com/home/email you may add a separate email to your account. Holvi's reports will be sent to the email that you have defined as primary. You will also use this email to log in to the account.

Notifications management can be found under your profile settings https://holvi.com/home/profile/.

Your personal identity can be managed under your identity settings https://holvi.com/home/identity/.  

5. Open a new account

By clicking Open new account you may create yourself a new Holvi account. Please note that as you can register only once you still have the chance to create multiple Holvi accounts. The pricing is always business based please check our pricing plans for more details. 

If you have verified your business/association information, you can open another account for the same company/association. You will not need to verify your business/association information again.

In Holvi you can create new accounts with a few clicks. You can have many accounts, even belonging to different companies, all managed under one user profile.

You can create accounts in your Profile page (https://holvi.com/home/) after you log in to Holvi. 

When you create a new account you will be asked to:

1. Give a name to your new account

2. Describe the general activity of the account (type of business)

3. Define the business or association that owns the account. If you have already created some businesses or associations to Holvi before, you have the chance here to select from an existing list.

If you run into any problems when creating a new account please contact us by submitting this form.

If you have verified your business/association information, you open another account for the same company/association, you will not need to verify your business/association information again.

 6. Selecting an existing account

Under My accounts you see a list of your currently existing Holvi accounts. You may click any of these to access the actual account. Archived accounts can neither be restored nor accessed.

7. Account settings

Account settings can be accessed by clicking the Balance button in your account (see below image). From your account settings you may

  1. Review your balance
  2. Review you account number
  3. Manage pricing (subscription)
  4. Top up your Holvi account balance with Instant top up
  5. Create budgeting periods to reset your bookkeeping categories
  6. Send account invitations and manage existing users.

Your account BIC code is HOLVFIHH.

Please note that if you change your pricing some account functionalities such as linked Holvi Business Mastercard might stop working.

8. How to activate the new dashboard (Beta)

Get a complete overview of your finances, create your own business goals and gain useful insights into your cash flow – all in one convenient place. The new Holvi dashboard (Beta) is now available for you!

With the new dashboard you can: 

Follow your account balance in real-time 
Keep tabs on changes in your account balance – the new dashboard makes it easy to track income and expenses, giving you a more complete overview of your finances.

Know what you're owed
The pending income chart shows you exactly how much money you are owed and the total amount of payments that are overdue.

Take the pain out of VAT calculation
The new dashboard automatically estimates how much VAT you’ll need to report and pay according to your sales and purchases.

Set sales goals and expense limits
Set your own monthly sales goals and expense limits to drive growth and success – the dashboard automatically tracks your progress!

To enable the new dashboard, go to your account preferences and check the “New dashboard” option under "Holvi Labs". Once enabled, the dashboard will appear in your account’s home tab.

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