Additional payments summary

Holvi provides you ready card payment options straight out of the box. But remember: with great power comes great responsibility. So we compiled a handy list of things you should be aware of.

Your responsibilities as a merchant when accepting card payments

  • You should treat each payment method equally. So advising customers to pay with other methods than cards or overcharging customer from card payments is not allowed
  • You should support your customers. Providing good support is the key thing for every working merchant-customer relationship. Please note that you must be able to provide support with all the languages that you are using in your store or store items info
  • You should state clearly what you are offering and how you will handle the delivery of your store items. You can include your own terms and conditions into your Holvi store in the account’s online store settings
  • Your customer may ask for a refund if they feel that they received something else than they ordered or if there was something wrong with the order delivery. This refunds (also called chargebacks) should be treated accordingly so that you will save yourself and your customer from additional trouble. Chargeback cases often require you as a merchant to show some information of the order and its delivery.


In order to provide you a secure and fluent payment handling, Holvi, as your payment services provider, has the right to monitor and audit your account activity.

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