Creating and selling products

In this article we'll go through how to create and sell products using your Holvi online store. We'll also cover marking orders as processed and how to sell digital products.

Table of contents

  1. Creating new products
  2. Creating and managing shipping fees
  3. Creating and managing discount codes
  4. Creating and managing store item sections
  5. Managing orders
  6. Selling digital products
  7. QR-codes

Creating new products

Available as a video tutorial: 


Creating and managing shipping fees

Start by accessing your store settings page. Scroll down a bit and you see a section where you can create different kinds of shipping fees. Each shipping fee you create consists of 4 different steps:

1. Shipping area

  • Domestic shipping
  • EU wide shipping (NOTE: includes also Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway)
  • Worldwide shipping

2. Price

3. VAT rate

4. Income category

You can create one shipping fee for each shipping area. A correct type of shipping fee is automatically added into the shopping cart once your customer has

  • selected a product that needs shipping
  • given their country during the store checkout.
    (Important to note that if you leave an area without shipping fees, customers can not order products there)


Applying shipping fees into products

Once you have created your range of shipping fees options you can select which products you want to apply them to. You can do this by either creating a new item and ticking the Shipping fees apply to this product box right under Quantity field in the item creation page. If you have already created some store items you may edit them and include a shipping fee.

Selecting that a shipping fee applies to an item will add a correct type of shipping fee (domestic, EU or worldwide) into the shopping cart whenever this item is present in the shopping cart. The product quantity does not matter.


Creating and managing discount codes

Available as a video tutorial:

Note that discount codes are always item based. Holvi does not yet offer basket based shipping codes.

How it works

  1. Give a name to the discount code (this will not be visible to customer)
  2. Create the actual code - the code must be between 6-20 characters long and letters such as Ä and Ö are not supported. You may use numbers and letters. For example: SUMMERSALE2017
  3. Define discount type - percentage / fixed price discount / replace the current price with a new one
  4. Define the percentage or amount that should be discounted
  5. You may define a minimum price that the shopping cart must have before this discount can be used - you may also define how many code uses you have available
  6. Select the products that this discount applies to



Creating and managing store item sections

Available as a video tutorial:

How it works

  1. Give a name to your item section
  2. Define whether you want to show the section in our front page or within a different section
  3. Pick the products you want to include into this section
  4. Save the ready item section.



Managing orders and purchases

Available as a video tutorial:

Sold products, including customer contact details will be included into automatically generated Order Lists, that can be viewed and downloaded for example in Excel format. You can also include additional questions to products if you need to specify diets, sizes and other relevant information. Once a customer purchases a product from your store, Holvi will send the necessary orded confirmation and attachments (for example tickets) automatically!

After the delivery you can mark the order as processed by clicking the order either from your Home view or through Online store > Orders > Mark as processed.



Selling digital products / downloadable content

For adding a downloadable content to your online store, log in to your Holvi account, go to your online store and from there to items. Drop your file to Downloadable content at the bottom of the page. Save your changes after this.

The max. size for a downloadable content is 200MB. You may currently upload only 1 file and the supported files are audio files (MP3, WMA and OGG), e-books (PDF, EPUB and MOBI) image files (JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, SVG). 

For the customer at the online store the item will be visible as a text saying Containing downloadable content. Upon purchasing the product Holvi will send the customer a receipt with the download link for the product, the link includes three downloads and expires in 6 months. After three times the link can't be used anymore for any downloads. 



It's possible to send a receipt with a QR-code from the Holvi Online Sore. Just make sure that you have tapped the box for Split individual product purchases into PDF's in receipt when creating/editing an item.

You will get the list of the QR-code numbers in the item's order list: Online store -> items -> choose the item in question -> orders -> open in excel.

Note! Holvi does not offer QR-code readers.





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