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1. Holvi-app push notifications

By using the Holvi-app and turning the push notifications on, you will be notified whenever the Holvi card is used. That way you can quickly react (e.g. blocking the card) if you detect an unauthorised transaction. 

2. Your card number

Keep your card number private!

Don’t post pictures of your card to social media, don’t send the card details or pictures via email, or let anyone copy the full card details. Holvi will never ask you for PIN or full card numbers. When making an online purchase, pay attention to the website requesting your card details, and make sure you receive a Holvi App push notification of the purchase. You can find more information about card number theft here.

3. Where can I find my PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN number you can review your card PIN number in your Holvi account from under the Payment Cards menu. Find more information here.

4. What happens if I had three failed PIN attempts?

If you have forgotten your card PIN you can review it in your Holvi account from the Payment Cards menu.

Your Holvi Business MasterCard card PIN will lock after 3 failed attempts. If this happens you may unblock it in your Holvi account's Payment cards menu. Once you unlock the PIN, we recommend you to visit an ATM cash machine and for example try to withdraw funds to make sure the change is correctly propagated to your card.

    • Some ATMs may have a PIN unlock option which alternatively you can use instead.
    • If, after you unlock your PIN from the account instead of an ATM you try to go to a physical store POS terminal, the first purchase attempt with the card may be declined and it will succeed only at the second attempt.
    • E-commerce transactions (CNP) at online stores will keep working

5. Have you lost your card or someone has stolen it?

The first step is to block the Holvi Card. Don’t worry you can re-activate it if you later find it. If you have access to your Holvi account you can block your card right away:

  • Login with your Holvi credentials here.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen to report, cancel and replace your lost or stolen Holvi card
  • You can also report, cancel and replace your lost or stolen card over the phone by calling directly to our Support (if you call during business hours or leaving a voicemail message if outside of office hours)

6. 3DS authentication

At the moment the Holvi Business MasterCard card does not support 3DS authentication (MasterCard SecureCode program) when paying online.

7. Card limits

For safety reasons the Holvi card is equipped with spending limits. Please find here more information about daily volume limit, last 30 days volume limit, last 365 days volume limit and frequency limits.

8. What is phishing?

Phishing is the attempt to trick you into disclosing your sensitive financial or personal information such as credit card credentials/PIN number. This information can later be used to make unauthorised transactions in your account.

Here are some examples on phishing:

Email phishing

  • asking you to provide personal information, for example: your account number, your personal PIN or TAN, your credit card number and the security code of your credit card
  • your telephone number or the type of your mobile phone
  • click on a specific link to permit verification of your account details and credit card details
  • fill in a form with your account number, PIN or TAN or credit card details
  • contain links to fake Holvi sites that are remarkably good imitations of the original ones or contain links to sites requesting you during the login process to install security software on your mobile phone or contain an attachment which installs a virus or a Trojan on your PC.

Holvi will never ask you to provide personal information or to disclose your user details by filling in a form. Any email that asks you to disclose your personal user details (account number, PIN, mTAC) and/or your credit card details is a phishing e-mail. If you are unsure please contact us (see contact information below).


Do not click on unverified links. If the link purports to be sent by Holvi, please call us to verify the authenticity of the message. Do not log on to any suggested website in the link and do not enter the credentials of the Holvi Business Mastercard or any other sensitive information.

What to do in case of phishing?

If you think you have been victim of phishing and you are not sure about the safety of your Holvi Business Mastercard, pease block your card immediately and review your transactions in your Holvi account and/or your push notifications in the Holvi app.

To report unauthorised transactions in your account, fill in this form.

In an emergency or if you have doubts please contact our Customer Success Team: / +49 30 568 37032 (Germany), +43720116270 (Austria), +358753252935 (Finland & eResidency).

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