Account settings, account number and pricing

Account settings

Account settings can be accessed by clicking the Balance button in your account (see below image). From your account settings you may


1. Review your balance
2. Review you account number
3. Manage pricing (subscription)

4. Top up your Holvi account balance with Instant top up
5. Create budgeting periods to reset your bookkeeping categories
6. Send account invitations and manage existing users.


Your account BIC/SWIFT code is HOLVFIHH or WIREDEMM. Depending on the format of your account number.


Account pricing

Holvi’s pricing plans are account-based. If you have different accounts types, you may also have multiple pricing plans. You can review your current pricing plan in “manage subscription”, located under account details.



Changing pricing plan

You can change your pricing plan whenever you want, and please note that Holvi Pro subscriptions are monthly. This means that a switch from Pro to Basic will enter into force, on the first day of the following month. A switch from Basic to Pro will however enter into force immediately.



How are the service fees charged?

Holvi charges all service fees at the end of each month. Each month’s service fee will appear as a reserved amount, next to your account’s balance.   

Note that if you have a Holvi Pro accounts you get 50 free bank transfers! A 0,50€ service fee will be charged for 51st bank transfer that happens in your Pro account. This will appear in your reserved balance and will be deducted from your account balance with the rest of the service fees in the end of the month.



You can also view the status of your upcoming service fee bills in real time, from the “Holvi Monthly Service Fees” payment category.





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