With Holvi, you’ll get complete set of business management tools:

  • A business account for sending and receiving Euro payments
  • Invoicing: create and send invoices with just a few clicks to receive pan European payments
  • Holvi Business Mastercard®: Fully integrated, works together with the mobile app
  • Bookkeeping preparation: save time by digitising your receipts
  • Bookkeeping reports: automatically created for easy accounting
  • Instant notifications: keep track of your finances in real time

Holvi's Business Current Account

As Holvi is licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA), all IBANs of Holvi accounts are Finnish IBANs (with the prefix FI).

The Finnish IBAN is equal to any other IBAN in the SEPA, and has to be accepted everywhere, where any other SEPA IBAN is accepted. The Finnish IBAN consists of 18 digits: FI followed by 16 numbers. Holvi's BIC is HOLVFIHH

Please note! Holvi supports only SEPA payments. This means also we only process payments and accept payments made in the Euro currency. Please find more info on the topic here.

You can find more info on our payment processing time for card payments and account transfers here. 

Holvi Business Prepaid MasterCard®

As a Holvi user, you can order your very own Holvi Business Prepaid MasterCard®, which is fully integrated to your account. The card works as an normal Debit card, which means it always corresponds with the balance on your Holvi account.

Please read more about the Holvi Business Prepaid MasterCard® here.

If you are using Holvis Grower pricing plan, your first card is included in your pricing plan. If you are using the Starter, you can order the card as an optional extra service (for 3€/month). If you want to order extra cards, the fee for extra cards for an account is 5€.

Hope you also find the time to have a look at the terms for Holvi Business Prepaid MasterCard® here: https://support.holvi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207428105-Terms-for-Holvi-Business-Prepaid-MasterCard-

Invoicing through Holvi

As a Holvi user you are able to collect funds to your account by using the Holvi invoicing. If you are using the Holvi Grover pricing plan, the invoicing is integrated in your plan and you can start using the invoicing by adding your business information in the invoicing settings. 

You are able to edit the invoices for a personalised look - you can add your company logo, a short description and add an additional text that will be automatically added into each invoice you create using Holvi. You can use this text to give additional information to the receiver.

Once you have added your info, you are ready to send your first invoice through Holvi.

If you are using Holvis Starter plan, you can get the invoicing tool as an add on service. For enabling the service, you should simply go to your profile and activate the invoicing in the left hand side bar.

Please find more information on how to set up the invoicing here.

Bookkeeping Preparation

The Holvi account includes automated financial reports and receipt management free of charge, but it does not replace your accountant or tax advisor.

Bookkeeping in Holvi is built using income and expense categories. It is a good idea to create these categories together with your bookkeeper, so that the relevant categories are already in place during the first transactions. The income and expense categories form the base for the financial reports in Holvi.

It is often a good idea to invite your accountant to access the account. This way she/he can login and fetch receipts and reports as needed. Another possibility is to upload reports, receipts and invoices to your Dropbox account from the Holvi exports app, from where your accountant can access the files as well.


  • You can fetch the following reports from Holvi, capped by date:
  • Account statement
  • Service fee receipt
  • Income statement
  • Invoicing report (List of invoices and invoice status)
  • Ledger (Events separated in income and expense categories, VAT separated)
  • Journal (Events in chronological order, VAT separated)
  • VAT report 

Please find more information about the bookkeeping  reports here. 


Managing users on your account

As the creator of your Holvi account you can manage the users on your account. This means you can for instance invite your bookkeeper to the account and avoid extra paperwork by just a few clicks.

 Please find more information on the user roles and how to invite users to your account here


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