Downloading account statements to Procountor

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You are able to download reports to the Procountor accounting software directly from Holvi.

How to upload account information to Procountor:

Download the Procountor export file. You will find the file by selecting Reports & Exports -> Procountor export.

Invoicing information (laskutusaineisto)

1.  Save the “Laskutusaineisto” -tab as a CSV-file in Excel.

2.  Select the settings icon in the right upper corner.

3.  Select “aineiston sisäänluku”.


Select “laskutusaineiston sisäänluku”. Select the correct CSV-file by clicking “Valitse tiedosto




Sum & event information (Summa & Tapahtumataso):

1. Select "Kirjanpito ja tallennustyökalu (uusi)"


2. Click on “liitä vientejä”



3. Copy the information from the excel tab to the window.

4. Select “Tallenna”.

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