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As Holvi® is founded and based in Helsinki, Finland, Holvi Payment Services Ltd is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA), which gives us a license to operate in the European Economic Area.

As a payment institution we are obliged both to know our customers and to understand our customers business structure and payment behaviour. Before you start using Holvi, you will be asked to go through our verification process. This process is executed through a secure process and all information or documentation given to us is treated in confidence in compliance with the Finnish guidelines on banking secrecy.

Sometimes, we might need to ask you for some additional information for securing both your personal information and assets - these situations vary from case to case but are always executed with your safety as our highest priority. Holvi will never hand over your data to any third parties without your consent or without a legal obligation to do so.

You can find more information the legislation behind Holvi here.

Please also read further about security at Holvi here.

Personal verification

In order to qualify for a UK account, all customers must be resident in the UK. 

Before you can start using your Holvi account and its features, you will need to verify both your identity and your business.

How do I complete personal verification? 

In order to get started you will need to have your passport at hand when registering an account with Holvi. You can do that by clicking here

Simply follow the steps to add your information in the sign-up flow.


Once you have verified your phone number, you will be directed to: /home/identity/quick/ and will be shown instructions related to Autoident. You then need to download the Holvi app (if you haven't already) in order to continue with the verification.

When the Autoident app opens, it will guide you through the process of scanning your passport and your face. 

Once we you have finished the process of identifying yourself, you will receive confirmation that it has been successful within around 10 minutes. 

Things to bear in mind:

In order to ensure the Autoident app picks up all of the details on the passport, please be aware of the following:

  • Too much lighting/glare. Autoident is unable to pick out certain features and information from your passport if there is too much light or glare on the passport.
  • Too dark lighting conditions. As with the above, Autoident needs to be able to read your passport. If its too dark, it won't scan. 
  • Document not fully in the cameras view. Please ensure all of the edges of the passport fit into the Autoident frame. 

Company verification

For verifying your company, you can add your VAT number - e.g. GB999 9999 73 - the number you get from HMRC when registering your company. (If you have it).

This number should be entered when you register so that we can verify your company. At the moment Holvi accepts only Sole Traders resident in the UK.

Our team will review your verification and you will be notified when everything is done. Please note that we operate on business days (excluding weekends and national holidays) and that we go through the uploaded documents in the order we receive them to Holvi.

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