I don´t have a company yet – can I have a Holvi account already?

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Holvi offers only business accounts for existing companies.

Please read further about our business verification and the required documents here

German founder accounts

For German company types GmbH and UG, we can offer founder accounts, which allow you to pay your share capital into your bank account before official documentation is available. All other company forms must be able to provide all relevant documents for verification before opening the account.  

For opening an account for the above mentioned company types, please follow the steps below: 

1. Register for a founder account and provide company information and answer founding questions here: https://about.holvi.com/de/gruenderangebot/
2. Proof your identity via IDNow
3. Provide the founding documents (official shareholder agreement from your local notary, in some cases a passport of additional shareholders and power of attorney is required)
4. Please agree for the founding process (possibly also answer the founding questions if you have not done this before)
5. Your account will be verified in pending for payment to pay the share capital
6. Proof the payment of share capital to your local notary and proceed with the registration of your company
7. After that your company is registered, please provide us a registry extract so we can verify the company fully for all business activities.

Finnish Limited Companies (Oy)

Please note, that if you are planning to use Holvi for depositing the initial capital for a Finnish limited company (Osakeyhtiö, Oy), this is not yet possible in Holvi due to Finnish legislations.

For opening the account we will need the company's commercial extract, which you will get from the Finnish Trade Register after that the initial capital is paid. 

Once you have the commercial extract, you are welcome to open a Holvi account. 




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