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1. Holvi's pricing 

At Holvi we adjusted our pricing to improve the value our customers get from Holvi, and to provide better, more individualised service plans starting at May 1. 2018.

Whether you’re just starting out or a business on the rise, we’re confident that we have the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Customers who have started using Holvi before May 1. 2018 have the option to keep using the pricing plan they have chosen before the mentioned date or to update their pricing plan.  However, after updating to the new pricing, reverting to the old Pro-/Basic plans is not possible.  

2. Where can I find the pricing options?

You can find our pricing here. For country specific fee schedules, please visit this page.

3. Important notes related to Holvi's service fees

Holvi's service fees are billed per company (starting from 01.05.2018). If you have several accounts for one company you only have to pay your chosen pricing plan once which is then active on all accounts. Starting from 1.5.2018 we are obliged to charge VAT on top of the fees, please read more here. You will need to have an active pricing plan chosen for each company. 


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