Holvi's pricing change

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1. Why did Holvi change the pricing?

We adjusted our pricing to improve the value our customers get from Holvi, and to provide better, more individualised service plans starting at May 1. 2018. Holvi customers can now choose from four pricing plans. Whether you’re just starting out or a business on the rise, we’re confident that we have the perfect plan to meet your needs.

2. Where can I find the new pricing?

You can find our pricing here. Our customers from Germany, Finland and Austria can choose from four pricing plans, and Estonian e-residents can choose from three new pricing plans.

3. Do current customers using the Basic/Pro/E-resident pricing plans have to change to the new pricing?

No, all current customers can keep their pricing if they wish to do so.

4. Other important changes

You will no longer be billed per account, but instead per company. So if you have several accounts you only have to pay your chosen pricing plan once which is then active on all accounts. In addition, we will charge VAT on top of the fees starting from 1.5.2018. You may switch at any point to one of our new pricing plans, but cannot switch back later to Basic/Pro/E-resident once you have left it.

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