Changing the pricing models

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1. How do I change my pricing model and when is the change effective?

You can change your chosen pricing plan whenever in your Holvi profile and by choosing subscriptions

The change between your pricing plans will happen immediately and Holvi will only charge for the days you have used each pricing model. Certain features may be disabled depending on the new pricing plan.

If you get an error message saying that certain feature is not available for you, it usually means that you have chosen a pricing plan where the feature is available only as an add on.

By managing your subscription or by enabling new add ons, you can start using the features you want. 

2. Who can change the pricing plan?

Only the creator of the account can change the pricing. Admins/Editors will receive the error message: "Only the account creator can change the subscription plan". 

If you click “Request plan change” the email client of the creator will open with pre-made email body.

3. Where can I find all information about the pricing?

The pricing options can be found here and the terms can be found here.

4. Enabling extra features

If you want to activate a certain feature, choose the account from your home view > click Subscription under your Holvi profile icon (right upper corner) > choose Change subscription and choose your preferred pricing or extra feature > activate.

If you wish to disable the feature simply click deactivate in the same place. 

5. What is the Fair Use Policy?

Holvi’s Fair Use Policy introduces a monthly limit for specific services or products. We chose the limits sensibly and based on feedback of our users. Here you can find the fees that may incur when you exceed these limits. 


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