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1. What countries can I send payments to?

Currently Holvi only accepts payments in EUR currency from SEPA countries.

That means, you can make payments to all countries belonging to the SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area). You can find a list of the SEPA-countries here: European Central Bank - SEPA countries. If you want to make an international payment to a country outside of the SEPA region, please check our article on International Payments.

2. From which countries can I receive payments?

Currently Holvi only accepts payments in EUR currency from SEPA countries.

If you wish to receive international payments from outside the SEPA area, please read this article.

3. How do I make a payment to a recipient outside the SEPA area?

Unfortunately you are not able to make payments to recipients outside the SEPA area directly through your Holvi account. We recommend using TransferWise for payments to and from Holvi in other currencies and payments from outside the SEPA area.

In a nutshell, you can use TransferWise to calculate the correct amount of funds to make the payment, transfer the money from your Holvi account to TransferWise and pay the sum using TransferWise. More information on TransferWise can be found here.

4. Which currencies does Holvi accept?

Holvi only accepts SEPA payments in Euro. Should you wish to make a payment in a currency other than Euro, we suggest using the services of TransferWise. Check here to see which currencies are supported by TransferWise. 

5. How much does it cost to send an international payment?

Holvi's current monthly pricing plans include 500 SEPA payments (SCT, sending / receiving) according to the Fair Use Policy without any extra fee. Should you exceed this monthly limit, the fees can be found on the Fair Use Policy site.

Please note that old pricing plans may have smaller limits. The current pricing plans can be found here.

Check here to see what fees TransferWise charges for international payments.

6. How long does it take to send an international payment?

The payment processing times for international payments can be found on this list

7. How do I make a payment to a non-EEA country within the SEPA area?

Payments to non-EEA countries within the SEPA area (e.g. to Switzerland) can only be made once your company address is verified. Please get in touch with the Holvi Support Team through support@holvi.com should you wish to activate this option.

8. An international payment has not arrived - why?

Within the SEPA region, there are different ways of sending payments. Holvi supports the regular SEPA credit transfers (SCT), also called STEP2 payments. This means Holvi does not support SWIFT and instant payments.

In order to receive money to your Holvi account the payment needs to be sent as a regular SEPA credit transfer (STEP2 payment). If you haven’t received a payment, please ask the sender to get in touch with their bank to make sure that the payment has been sent as a STEP2 payment.

9. I have sent a payment but the recipient has not received it yet - why?

When you make a payment out from Holvi, the transfer will be dealt with based on Holvi's cut-off times. The money is then transferred to the receiving entity and it arrives to the receiver based on the processing time of the receiving entity.

Here you can read more about Holvi's payment processing times. 


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